Name Phone Number Email Address
Casasanto, Valerie 301.286.6605
Cook, Laurie 410.455.6392
Dawson, Mary 410.455.8027
Eichenlaub, Danita 410.455.1893
Konig, Daniel 410.455.3320
Koratkar, Anuradha 49.228.350.9541
Kuzmicz.Cieslak, Magdalena 410.455.5639
Lewis, Brizjette 301.286.4403
Manalansan, Cathy 410.455.8812
Mooney, Kevin 410.455.8899
Pavlis, Erricos 410.455.5832
Wang, Yujie 301.614.6494


Who to Contact:

Faculty Grant Questions (Proposal, Budget, Report):
Mary Dawson,
Margo Young

Task Funding Status:
Mary Dawson,
Margo Young

Technology Transfer:
Wendy Martin

ITAR and EAR Issues:
Dean Drake

Faculty Travel Requests/Claims:
Cathy Manalansan

Faculty Payroll Questions:
Kevin Mooney

Educational Programs:
Valerie Casasanto

Faculty Leave:
Margo Young

Faculty GSFC Badge Requests:
Brizjette Lewis

Inventory Control:
Kevin Mooney

Purchases Over $3,500:
Cathy Manalansan

Purchases Below $3,500:
Brizjette Lewis

General Inquiries:
Danita Eichenlaub